Sustainable Solutions For All
Suppliers of great wines from great winemakers in sustainable formats.

Sustainable Wine Solutions from Borough Wines is the ultimate sustainable service provider for the wine trade. We provide quality driven sustainable wine systems: Wine-on-Tap, VinoTap™, the Return Bottle scheme and our Rebottling sampling service. Combining the quality control benefits of a commercial bottling and kegging line with an artisan approach, we are able to improve all aspects of supply, covering margins, quality, service and choice.

Sustainable Wines
We source top quality wines from sustainable winemakers around the world, transporting it in bulk and delivering it to customers in our three sustainable formats to minimise environmental impact.
Sustainable Wines from SustainableWineSolutions

With a strong focus on organic, vegan and biodynamic wines, every winemaker we work with is committed to reducing their waste output and practicing the least impactful grape growing and winemaking techniques, meeting the aims outlined in our Sustainability manifesto. From the perfect accessible house wine in our Bistro range to a premium Bordeaux in our 225 range from Damien Barton of the Barton–Sartorius wine dynasty, every palate is catered for. Click below to discover more about our wines and their makers. 

Zero Waste Solutions
Our services prioritise convenience, quality and sustainability: no wasted or spoiled wine, quick service, great margins and no fuss from waste disposal.

Embracing the circular economy by minimising the resources we use and reusing those we do is the only way to zero waste. This is why we import in bulk, bottling and kegging entirely in-house at our North Greenwich winery with an emphasis on refill and reuse. 

Bottle Return

Bringing Back the Bottle Return Scheme.

Recycling doesn’t go far enough. We need to make the bottle part of the solution. Lightweight bottles and bottles with a higher percentage of recycled glass are great steps, but it seemed obvious to us that we could do better. The Bottle Return scheme brings a new, sustainable lease of life to the traditional wine bottle: each one can be returned, sterilised and reused at least 30 times, reducing the carbon footprint of each bottle by up to 95%. According to RecycleNow, U.K. hospitality alone throws an estimated 129,000 tonnes of glass into landfill every year: we offer a practical, convenient way of breaking this one way wasteful chain whilst still supplying the traditional wine bottle consumers love. We collect and deliver in our recycled plastic crates, saving you from the expense and hassle of glass and cardboard waste collections. Convenience, sustainability and quality, bottled.  


The Zero waste alternative to bag in box –
join the Refillution.

A compact, stainless steel 10L little brother to our larger refill keg system. VinoTap™ offers a flexible, ready to pour wine-on-tap solution with no set up costs. With no cardboard or internal bag to dispose of, and perfect preservation technology, this is a truly Zero Wate alternative to Bag-in-Box: all the convenience, none of the waste.



 We are the only supplier of Wine–on–Tap using refillable kegs in the U.K. Our kegs offer incredible quality preservation, no wastage, perfect quick pours and a massive reduction in your glass and cardboard waste output. Our in–house cellar team manages every step of the installation process and continued maintenance support. Over 15 years of expertise and innovation in Wine–on–Tap ensures quality assurance and top customer service. 

First Class SAMPLING Service.

An efficient solution for presenting your wines to a remote audience, maintaining the superior quality of your product whilst streamlining costs and logistics. We ‘rebottle’ any still beverage product under winery standard protective conditions into our innovative 50ml and 100ml screw-cap sealed glass tubes. Your sample reaches your customer exactly as the winemaker intended, with a significantly extended tasting window. Deliver the quality of a full bottle with the convenience and efficiency of individual samples.

Who We Are
Expertise and innovation for Wine on Tap and Bottle Return. All of our wine services are designed to deliver quality, convenience and sustainability for your business.
About SustainableWineSolutions


We have devised SustainableWineSolutions as the go to service provider for the trade’s sustainable wine needs, providing our Wine-on-Tap, VinoTap™ and Bottle Return Scheme. Our investment in a bottling and kegging facility in Greenwich Peninsula gives us complete control over our production process, with our reuse and refill focus allowing us to fully embrace the circular economy.

Our in-house team of operations and winery experts manage all elements of the supply chain from producer to your business, ensuring watertight quality control every step of the way.